HDMI Splitters

At MMS we have developed our range into an easy to follow colour scheme. Our standard products come under our Red Range and our premium products are in our Green Range. Follow the relevant selections below to find the product best suited to your needs.









Our HDMI splitters are ideal for most HD distribution systems. Powered by a small and discrete 5V power supply. These splitters are ideal for splitting HDMI signals from games consoles, cameras, DVD players and satellite receivers to two or four displays.

All can display from 1080p and 3D resolution up to 60Hz and 4K2K UHD at up to 30Hz. These splitters also support 30, 36 and 48bit deep colour per pixel as well as DTS/HD, Dolby True HD, DTS and Dolby AC3 audio.

All models incorporate EDID or Extended Display Identification Data.  With EDID a display sends data to the HDMI signal source of its display resolution and audio capabilities. For example, a 720p capable display will send data to the source of that capability.  If the source resolution is greater than the display capability, the HDMI signal may not work.

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